Gender and Youth Education


We believe that every person can have a brighter future through education and young indigenous women have a set of special needs that need to be addressed to help them fulfill their hopes for a better future. Gender gaps are also an opportunity to design programs that unlock women s full potential in the communities they live in. 

In an ongoing project in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, EQ is aiming to improve the quality of life of 200 women artisans by helping them organize in formal associations. We have improved their skills and helped them preserve their ancestral culture by recuperating the use of only 100% natural fibres and pigments in the crafting of traditional design handbags. EQ has provided an outlet to help them promote their handicrafts in the international marketplace. 

However, not everything has been accomplished, with  education remaining scarce and becoming one of the focal problems that require attention. More than 50 percent of the female population is not able to speak Spanish let alone attend primary education.  Young women in these communities have similar hopes of championing education opportunities for new generations. EQ Foundation continues to support this cause. 

Aligned with EQ Foundation’s mission, this project supports indigenous women who are committed to their culture and the preservation of their beliefs to be transferred to future generations. Basic education provides opportunities for youths to be able to successfully mediate between their cultural commitments and the development of their communities. Simple initiatives like learning Spanish language and successfully completing primary education can help them fulfill their hopes and strengthen their own cultural identity.