Cross-Cultural Dialogue

We develop cross-cultural exchanges with different countries.

High Level Shared Vision

The current status of both the Canadian and Colombian Aboriginal experiences was explored by the Right Honourable Paul Martin. During the meeting, valuable experiences where exchanged to enrich relationships between Aboriginal communities and governmental entities, as well as the private sector.

Exploring the Value of Ancient Culture in a Modern Context

EQ Foundation presented Madame Sonja Bata with an exploratory exchange to observe the value of ancient cultures in modern day society. For a remote and isolated culture, this is a very important illustrative process, presenting the role of a museum as a vehicle for education. 

The Canadian National Park System:  Lessons Learned

Through an immersion in the Canadian Natural Park system, the group was able to identify the importance of the area and the role it has played in land recuperation. The area was also seen as a key contributor to the fluid relationship between aboriginal and other communities. This review of Algonquin National Park was a very valuable experience for the group.  

Comparative Educational Systems

The student exchange was designed to contribute to a blueprint for a more integrated approach towards native and the national school system, with a profound focus in preserving their cultural values. 


Educational Exchange and Language Immersion

EQ successfully completed a pilot program focusing on a language-curatorial training for the indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This was accomplished following a thorough consultation process with the Indigenous authorities.