SME Capacity Building

Our Capacity building initiative helps communities reach their developmental goals by presenting a basic business start-up environment that will help them achieve their goals and maintain sustainable results through three different modules. 

Basic business skills

Business skill seminars designed with a special emphasis on aboriginal woman artisans. EQ Foundation is currently in partnership with Fundacion Mario Santo Domingo, based in Barranquilla, Colombia, with 25 year experience in capacity building for small business entrepreneurs.

Legal and taxing organization 

This module encompasses various topics that will take a one person business initiative lacking structure and information on enterprise law through the process of business registration by clearly explaining the advantages and situations in which the latter is essential. 

Cost Analysis

For many indigenous women, a cost analysis workshop can generate great enthusiasm as such exercises are rarely available and explained in their terms.While they engage in the exchange of goods, these activities are never regarded as business. By explaining the concept of time value, the workshop presents business in a new light, fostering a higher self valuation as their work begins to be recognized by their own communities. 

Bookkeeping Basics 

Basic bookkeeping seminars for small scale producers to address the lack of business experience and structure, by introducing simple techniques to improve their success rate and sustainability in the future.