La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Artisans trade mission during the Pan Am games in Toronto

The Pan American Games are expected to attract up to 250,000 visitors to Toronto and EQ Foundation is taking advantage of this opportunity to increase the sense of self-empowerment and pride in the symbolic and cultural importance of mochila making, a centuries-old art that is passed down from mother to daughter. In promoting the mochila to other regions of the world, the women’s visibility as important artisans will increase on the world stage. The primary direct beneficiaries of this activity will be at least 200 aboriginal women artisans in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region who will be...

Women Artisans Mochila Bags Successfully Introduced to the Canadian Market

EQ Foundation Director Maria Guzman showcases the successfull introduction of the Mochila hand bags woven by women artisans from La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta into the Canadian market.

Colombian Women's Coop Visits the Textile Museum of Canada

They were very appreciative of the craft and its deep cultural meaning in addition to the social value in empowering young generations of women.

Indigenous Artisans Meet With Colombian Trade Industry and Tourism Minister Santiago Rojas

Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement for Colombian indigenous artisans