Training on exporting apparel to Canada in Ukraine

In November 2017 a series of sectoral trainings for selected Ukrainian companies, as well as experts from regional chambers of commerce and EBRD business support centers, was held within the framework of the U CAN Export support programme in Ukraine. EQ Foundation is proud to contribute to this trade development effort. One of the main points of the consultant Rodolfo Moseres was "look for your niche on the Canadian market".

The series included sessions on exporting apparel  to Canada. Apparel is  in the list of priorities for increasing Ukrainian exports to Canada in accordance with the Export Strategy of Ukraine under the Canada-Ukraine Trade and Investment Support project – CUTIS .

The event was conducted by experts from who specializes in providing companies from all over the world  with information on exporting to Canada. Each of the training sessions also included a section about the environmental aspects of entering the Canadian market.

The volume of the apparel market in Canada is over $31 billion, more than half of which is imports. Benefits for Ukrainian manufacturers are obvious, so it is time to do some homework and go ahead - to Canada!