Total Success of the IV Organic Forum in Colombia!

On 27 and 28 July 2016, at the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota,  the IV NATIONAL AND  INTERNACIONAL FORUM FOR THE ORGANIC SECTOR IN COLOMBIA took place with more than 1,000 producers, farmers, traders, exporters, certifiers, consumers attending. The IV Forum was held with the special collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, on the 27th  the forum began with a tour of the current panorama presented by Fedeorgánicos President Luis A. Betancur Zuluaga the two day even followed with, lectures on new regulations for the sector given by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia, regulation of bio-inputs and organic seeds in Colombia and testing efficiency in bio-inputs by ICA, world markets IFOAM hand, duties and rights of users against the certification of organic products ASOSEC and finally several commercial experience. The special guest country was Canada where EQ Foundation consultants presented the finding of the ongoing project designed to promote organic exports to Canada. A landmark mobile APP was launched to serve as a roadmap for farmers and businessman willing to enter the Canadian organic market place, it can be consulted at